Custom Shoes

Measuring & Fit

Our bespoke services begin with a conversation at our studio about your specific needs, followed by obtaining an exact replica of each foot that captures measurements, shape, volume, and elasticity indexes. We take the left and right foot's individual measurements, shape, and volume because no two feet are the same. We continue by performing a number of tests to learn about your exact fitting preferences in terms of how snug you like your dress shoes to fit each foot. We also measure the thickness of the socks you commonly wear with your dress shoes and ask about any specific areas that require special consideration.

Shoe Last Selection

A shoe last is the block of wood in the shape of a shoe on which the leather is stretched to craft the shoe. We use a stock shoe last and make slight modifications to try and match the shape and measurements of your feet. Suggesting a right set of last with a beautiful toe shape that also provides the right fit is the standard of excellence that our master fitters deliver. 

Toe Shapes

When it comes to toe shapes, we offer the classic round, the classic square, the chisel toe, almond toe, or the client may commission a completely new toe shape.

Custom Design a Pattern

During the customization process for the upper of the shoe, the client may choose one of our in house styles, have us recreate a design, or commission an entirely new design, within the oxford, loafer, derby, monk strap, and boot categories. The final pattern selected by the client will be custom designed using the selected last.

Leathers & Skins

For our custom made shoes crafted in calf leather, we use 1.4- 1.6 mm A-Grade full-grain calfskin leather. We chose full grain calf for its suppleness, durability, and overall quality. A variety of suede options and leather patterns are also available such as crocodile, python, pebble grain, and woven. We do not offer exotic leathers. 

Solid Colors & Hand-painted Patinas

Other than black, we offer a range of solid colors in different shades of brown, oxblood, and tan. For hand-painted patinas, other than the colors on display from our house collection, we can do other colors commissioned by the client.

Painted Like a Work of Art

When it comes to colors, we offer a choice between our solid colors or our traditional hand-painted patinas. Our patina colors are applied by hand, so the colors on each pair of shoes will vary slightly each time. Hand-painted colors gradually change over time and develop into beautiful patinas

Sole Constructions

In terms of sole constructions for our custom made shoes, we offer 3 types. A single leather Blake construction is known for its thin profile, weightlessness, and flexibility. A double leather Blake Rapid construction known for its thicker profile, durability, and waterproofness. A full rubber Blake Rapid construction known for its flexibility and water resistance. 

Heel Height

A standard heel for a pair of classic dress shoes is around 1 inch in height, depending on the size of the shoe, but you are given the option to commission taller or shorter heel according to your personal preferences.

Interior Heel Cushioning

We use a high-density memory foam heel piece that never goes flat and provides the most comfortable cushioning of all heel pieces we have come across over the years. This feature comes standard in all of our shoes.


Delivery Time

Our delivery time is 5-8 weeks depending on the level of customization.

Fit Guarantee

If your first pair of dress shoes or boots don't feet you the way you want, we’ll remake them—free of charge.

Our exhaustive, detailed, and innovative measurement techniques allow us to avoid the making of a pair of trial shoes, letting us go straight into the crafting of the final pair of dress shoes.

The most important aspect of any custom shoe is its fit. Two steps are critical to ensure a perfect fit. The first step is the ability to take proper measurements. The measuring process may seem easy and straight forward, but it is actually a skilled craft that takes many years to perfect. The second step is the select a shoe lasts that is comfortable for those measurements.